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Introduction of SELVAS

SELVAS is a rain forest where plants grow most quickly in the whole world.
SELVAS exists for the purpose of developing customers, shareholders, and members rather
than simply selling products and making profits.

『SELVAS』 is a rain forest where plants grow most quickly in the whole world.
It is the management philosophy of SELVAS to pursue the growth through continuous challenge.
The last 20 years have been the driving force to lead SELVAS for the next 80 years and
SELVAS has been united into SELVAS Group in order to create corporate culture that can continue to grow for 100 years.

SELVAS anticipates new challenge and growth that are to come.icon


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Management goal

SELVAS’s management goal is growth.
SELVAS is a platform of growth that pursues the growth with the members, customers, and shareholders of SELVAS in harmony.

SELVAS chooses a way to the long-term growth over immediate profit.

Management system

You can enjoy your work when you set a goal and challenge yourself.

To do so, SELVAS provides the members with an environment for them to decide and act themselves without being controlled and also transfers rights to them as much as possible.

Ideal talent

Persons with good Adaptability do not have a bias towards either of contrary values, such as suspicion and trust, tenacity and abandonment, and challenge and stability, but can make a bold decision and execute such by deciding which way is right at present.

Ideal talent is those who have flexible thinking with a balanced point of view and are competent in various ways so they can respond flexibly to whichever the direction is set. Competence of adaptability is to improve and make effort oneself continuously.

Characteristics of persons with good adaptability are as follows.

  • Realistic yet optimistic
  • Confident yet modest at all times
  • Self-assertive but capable of changing one’s thought boldly if one’s thought is wrong and of compromising in case of a conflict between opinions
  • Enjoying challenge and having high desire for achievement
  • Leader with good adaptability can embrace talent with different views.

Corporate culture

Autonomous corporate culture for horizontal communication and self-initiated immersion

Abolition of job grading system and English name

SELVAS breaks down the barrier of job ranking and aims for horizontal communication, using English name. SELVAS creates culture where roles are more important than work position.

Smart office

A change in environment leads to a change in thought. SELVAS has built ‘SELVAS Hub Lounge’ where office and rest area are combined and use of partitions for desks has been minimized so as to encourage the smooth communication between employees. All conference rooms and CEO’s office have the transparency enhanced with glass walls.

Town Hall Meeting / Fun Fun Event

SELVAS hosts Town Hall Meeting on a regular basis to offer a chance to any employees to join a meeting and have liberal communication. Fun Fun Event is also held for all employees to gather and congratulate on even small achievements in each business area.

Refresh Day

There is Refresh Day for employees to leave work at 4PM once a month to spend time with their family or do self-improvement activities.

Flexible working system

There is the flexible working system that allows employees that cannot perform full-time work due to child rearing or learning related to their work to adjust their working hours.

Flexible use of annual leave

All employees can use annual leave flexibly. SELVAS has created corporate culture where any employees can use their annual leave given without studying the atmosphere at work.

Dual Career Path for growth (Management goal)

SELVAS runs the Dual Career Path System. It is for offering customized chances that satisfy both general managers and specialists through Y-shape career management

It is for creating culture that gives credit for specialists.
No one needs to be a leader (Higher position) just because they are older and have more experiences. SELVAS believes that technical skills of a company can been deepened when genuine technical specialists are respected.
It is for giving even younger persons having an aptitude for a general manager a chance.
Not everyone that are older and have worked longer can perform a role of a general manager well. The faster we give persons with potential to become a general manager a chance even though they are not enough at present, the more good quality leaders we can have.


Way to the growth of SELVAS

Under the management goal 『Growth』 since starting with INFRAWARE in 1997,
INFRAWARE Technology, SELVAS M, SELVAS AI, SELVAS Healthcare have become SELVAS Group.

2014SELVAS Healthcare

Since 1993


Company specialized
in digital healthcare
(2016 – Present)

Changing the corporate name to SELVAS Healthcare (2016)

Being listed on KOSDAQ (2016)

Launching ACCUNIQ, a brand for medical equipments (2016)

Establishing a corporation in Japan, named SELVAS Healthcare Japan (2017)

Establishing a corporation in China, named SELVAS Healthcare China (2017)

Completing the construction and moving into a new office building in Daejeon (2017)

Releasing a braille information terminal named Hansone5 (2017)

Releasing a body composition analyzer named ACCUNIQ BC380 (2017)

Released Braille Information Terminal ‘BrailleSense Polaris MINI’ (2018)

Company specialized
in medical and information communication assistive technology
(1993 – 2015)

Establishing  JAWON MEDICAL CO., LTD. (1993)

Obtaining a license for manufacturing medical instruments and completing the construction of a manufacturing facility

Developing a body composition analyzer

Developing a full-automatic tonometer

Developing a braille information terminal

Being selected as High-tech Company (Ministry of Science and Technology)

Being selected as Star Company in Patent (Patent Office, Daejeon City)

Being selected for an assistive technical equipment for the disabled

Being selected as an entrepreneur to supply braille information terminals by the  Community Chest of Korea

Establishing the branch  HIMS Inc. in the U.S. (Austin, Texas) (2010)

Changing the corporate name to HIMS International (2011)

HIMS International being listed on KONEX (2013)

Being merged with JAWON MEDICAL(2015)


Since 1999


Company specialized
in AI
(2015 – Present)

Concluding MOU on check-up voice medical information with Yonsei Severance

Changing the corporate name to SELVAS AI Inc. (2016)

Launching an AI brand named Selvy (2016)

Releasing ‘Selvy Medi Voice’, a medical recording solution

Releasing ‘Selvy Check-up’, a disease prediction solution

Supplying ‘Selvy Chatterbot’ engine to handle civil complaints related to parking at Gangnam-gu Office

Constructing AI medical information service for the Health Service Command ROK Armed Forces

Supplied ‘Selvy Checkup API’ to Leading Japanese Telecommunications Business Operator ‘KDDI’ (2018)

Awarded 1 of the 3 Global Design Awards Known as ‘iF Design Award’ (2018)

Launching ‘Selvy Address’, a Korea’s first address speech recognition solution (2018)

Commercialization of ‘Selvy MediVoice’ at Severance Hospital for the first time in Big 5 hospital (2018)

Awarded 2018 Korea ICT Grand Prize (2018)

Company specialized
in HCI
(1999 – 2014)

Establishing DIOTEK Co., Ltd. (1999)

Developing writing recognition-based DioPen

Developing DioDict the mobile electronic dictionary

Developing mobile OCR

Being listed on KOSDAQ (2009)

Taking over HCILab the company specialized in voice recognition system (2010)

Starting to supply writing recognition-based DioPen to Samsung Electronics

Supplying electronic dictionary DioDict to Samsung Electronics annually

Releasing DioNote the digital inc solution


Since 2009


Company specialized
in mobile games
(2012 – Present)

Releasing an independently developed RPG game named Sefirah (2012)

Releasing Mini Motor Racing for Kakao (2013)

Releasing Triple Town for Kakao (2013)

Servicing Dragon Heart/Elision Saga (2014)

Releasing Mini Motor WRT (2014)

Releasing an independently developed mobile FPS named Fatal Raid (2016)

Releasing an independently developed mobile SNG named Town’s Tale (2017)

Releasing Town’s Tale with Ebichu (2018)

Company specialized
in mobile games publishing
(2009 – 2011 )

Establishing SELVAS Games Inc. (2009)

Starting to service popular foreign games in Korea : Winning Eleven 2011/2012 : Silent Hill, Civilization, Spectral Souls, etc.

Servicing games in overseas android market : Japan NTT DoCoMo, KDDI

Servicing premium contents of NTT DoCoMo in Japan


Since 1997


Company specialized
in office service
(2011 – Present)

Investing in the development of mobile office technology

Commercializing Mobile POLARIS Office for Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, HTC, and more (2011)

Being awarded with the Grand Prize in Multimedia Technology (POLARIS Office) (2011)

Occupying the global market of mobile office by 70%

Launching the cloud office POLARIS OFFICE Service (2014)

Being selected as one of the ‘World Class 300’ (2014)

Expanding office B2B market, including Orange, IBM, Good, and Citrix

Launching PC Office POLARIS OFFICE in 2017

Entering the domestic public market of PC office

Entering Russian and Japanese market with POLARIS OFFICE

POLARIS OFFICE Store Open (2018)

Awarded 10 Million Dollar Export Tower (2018)

Awarded Apple Appstore ‘Apps of the Year’ (2018)

More than 90 million Polaris Office subscribers (2019)

Merger with INFRAWARE Technology Co., Ltd. (2019)

Company specialized
in embedded browser
(1997 – 2010)

Establishing Infraware Inc. (1997)

Concluding a contract for the development of printing software (Smart Web) with Samsung Electronics (1999)

Having the mobile browser embedded and commercialized for Samsung Electronics (2003)

Being selected as WAP Browser Sole Vender by SK Telecome (2004)

Being listed on KOSDAQ (2005)

Occupying the domestic market of mobile browser by 70%

Entering mobile browser market in Japan, China, and the Americas

Taking over Bora Tech Co., Ltd. the office software company




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